by bigin | v2.0.8
Detect soft keyboard Height
npm i --save @bigin/ns-soft-keyboard


This plugin is from nativescript-soft-keyboard of @liuy97. You can get the original plugin at https://github.com/liuy97/nativescript-soft-keyboard

We just upgrade to NS7 and add some tweaks to make it works.

NativeScript Soft Keyboard Height

It is a challenge to get height of soft keyboard in Android and IOS. Android has not provided a direct way to read its height. But NativeScript app sometimes needs this information to achieve a good user interface.


ns plugin add @bigin/ns-soft-keyboard


registerSoftKeyboardCallback((h) => console.log(h));


function parameter Description
registerSoftKeyboardCallback callback register a callback for new height of soft keyboard


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004