by carployee | v1.0.1
A NS8 version of https://github.com/ludwiktrammer/nativescript-open-app
npm i --save @carployee/openapp

NativeScript Open App plugin

A NativeScript plugin for opening other applications on the device (with app store fallback)


This plugin is a copy of https://github.com/ludwiktrammer/nativescript-open-app You can find more examples there. The API did not change, only the way you import the function (see below)


Run the following command from the root of your project:

tns plugin add @carployee/openapp



To open an app, you need its id (for example "com.facebook.katana" for Facebook and "com.twitter.android" for Twitter). You can easily find it in app's URL on https://play.google.com.


import { OpenApp } from '@carployee/openapp';



To open an app on iOS you need a schema registered by the app. Additionally you are required to whitelist the schemas for all apps you want to be able to open. Add them to your app/App_Resources/iOS/Info.plist (and additionally include "itms-apps" schema used by the App Store):