by dev4ndy | v1.0.0
Add a plugin description
npm i --save @dev4ndy/markdown


ns plugin add @dev4ndy/markdown

A plugin for native markdown rendering.

Completely based on this code code.

Note: All credit to @flore2003, what we did here was to start using the plugin template (plugin-seed), update it and make it work with NS8... This plugin has only been tested on NS8.



  1. Register the element in apps module
registerElement("Markdown", () => require("@dev4ndy/markdown").Markdown);
  1. Now you can use it in you template
<Markdown [markdown]="'_This_ should be **bold**!'"></Markdown>


  1. Register the element in the vue environment
Vue.registerElement( 'Markdown', () => require("@dev4ndy/markdown").Markdown )

You need to add xmlns:mv="nativescript-markdown-view" to your page tag, and then simply use <mv:Markdown/> in order to add the widget to your page.

<!-- test-page.xml -->
<Page xmlns="http://schemas.nativescript.org/tns.xsd" loaded="pageLoaded" xmlns:mv="markdown">
<StackLayout class="p-20">
<mv:Markdown markdown="_This_ should be **bold**!" />


Property Default Description
markdown "" The markdown to be rendered on screen


Apache License Version 2.0