by enduco | v1.0.0
Your Take a View Screenshot Nativescript Plugin!
npm i --save @enduco/nativescript-cscreenshot

Nativescript Cscreenshot :camera:

This plugin was created so you can take screenshots of views easily and then store it as you like.

this plugin is based on enchev's NativeScript Screenshot nativescript-screenshot but updated for better stability and angular, vue and react compatibility (still testing vue and react)


Use the install command:

tns plugin add @enduco/nativescript-cscreenshot


Just import the plugin in your project and use it like this

using Typescript:

    import { Cscreenshot } from "@enduco/nativescript-cscreenshot";
import { ImageSource } from "@nativescript/core";

// then in your take a screenshot method
let screen = new Cscreenshot();

// Using vanilla Nativescript
let view = page.getViewById('main');

// Using Angular Nativescript
@ViewChild("main", { static: true }) main: ElementRef;
let view = this.view.nativeElement;

// Using Vue Nativescript
let view = this.$refs.main.nativeView;

screen.take(view, (image: ImageSource)=>{
// Do whatever you want with the returned source image
and in your template
    <!-- Assign the reference name depending on the framework -->
<!-- 'id=""' for vanilla nativescript -->
<!-- '#main' for angular nativescript -->
<!-- 'ref="main"' for Vue nativescript -->
<GridLayout id="main" #main ref="main">
<!-- Content of your app here -->


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004