by essent | v2.14.4
iAdvize plugin for NativeScript.
npm i --save @essent/nativescript-iadvize


A NativeScript plugin for integration of iAdvize chat into Android/iOS app.

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This is a plugin to show the conversation from a iAdvize chat, using the iAdvize SDK (Android v2.2.2, iOS v2.2.5).


  • iOS 12.0 or higher, and Xcode 12.5
  • Minimum Android Version API 19, and Kotlin 1.5.10
  • NativeScript CLI 7.x
  • iAdvize account


Run the following command from the root of your project:

npm install @essent/nativescript-iadvize


When the user logs in to the your app call activate with your credentials (our example home.component.ts):

IAdvize.activate(XXXX, 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX', 'userId', () => {
console.log('IAdvize conversation activated.');


To open the chat window call presentChat():


Optional functions

Hide default chat button

To hide default chat button call hideDefaultChatButton():


UI customization

To customize the chatbox UI call customize():

const configuration: ChatConfiguration = {
automaticMessage: 'Any question? Say Hello to Smart and we will answer you as soon as possible! 😊',
font: 'fontPath',
incomingMessageAvatar: 'avatar-icon',
mainColor: '#4103fc',
navigationBarBackgroundColor: '#4103fc',
navigationBarMainColor: '#ffffff',
navigationBarTitle: 'Chat Title',

Logging Out

To preserve the confidentiality of user conversation call logout().


Conversation events

To add a listener to be informed in real time about conversation events call registerConversationListener().

(url: string) => {
console.log('Handle clicked url - ' + url);
return false;
(hasOngoingConversation: boolean) => {
console.log('Ongoing conversation status changed - ' + hasOngoingConversation);

Push Notifications

To be informed of chat messages received when your app is not running call registerPushToken()

IAdvize.registerPushToken('your-token', isProduction);