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Angular Native(NativeScript + Angular 2) version of the slides. Forked from the original /nativescript-ng2-slides
npm i --save @irman/nativescript-ng2-slides
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NativeScript NG2 Slides for iOS and Android -- ALPHA

npm npm

Intro slides example:

Nativescript Slides. Click to Play

Image carousel example:

Nativescript Slides. Click to Play

videos are from the NativeScript Slides plugin. all features may not be implemented yet.

videos by Brad Martin

Example Usage:

import { SlidesModule } from '@irman/nativescript-ng2-slides';

import { AppComponent } from "./app.component";

declarations: [AppComponent],
bootstrap: [AppComponent],
imports: [NativeScriptModule, SlidesModule],
export class AppModule { }


<slide class="slide-1">
<Label text="This is Panel 1"></Label>
<slide class="slide-2">
<Label text="This is Panel 2"></Label>
<slide class="slide-3">
<Label text="This is Panel 3"></Label>
<slide class="slide-4">
<Label text="This is Panel 4"></Label>
<slide class="slide-5">
<Label text="This is Panel 5"></Label>


background-color: darkslateblue;

background-color: darkcyan;
background-color: darkgreen;

background-color: darkgoldenrod;
background-color: darkslategray;
text-align: center;
width: 100%;
font-size: 35;
margin-top: 35;
color: #fff;


Great for Intros/Tutorials to Image Carousels.

This very much a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute.

Attributes for SlideContainer

  • loop : boolean - If true will cause the slide to be an endless loop. The suggested use case would be for a Image Carousel or something of that nature.

  • pageIndicators : boolean - If true adds indicator dots to the bottom of your slides.


If the property pageIndicators is true you won't see the page indicators anymore as of 2.0.0 right away. there are two css classes exposed that you can setup however you like for active and inactive indicators. below is an example for semi translucent dots.

background-color: #fff;
opacity : 0.4;
width : 10;
height : 10;
margin-left : 2.5;
margin-right : 2.5;
margin-top : 0;
border-radius : 5;

background-color: #fff;
opacity : 0.9;
width : 10;
height : 10;
margin-left : 2.5;
margin-right : 2.5;
margin-top : 0;
border-radius : 5;

Plugin Development Work Flow:

  • Clone repository to your machine.
  • Run npm run setup to prepare the demo project
  • Build with npm run build
  • Run and deploy to your device or emulator with npm run demo.android or npm run demo.ios

Known issues

  • Probably lots...

Contributing guidelines

Contributing guidelines



for {N} version 2.0.0+