by knotes | v2.1.0
A clipboard plugin for use in NativeScript apps. You can copy and paste text from and to the clipboard.
npm i --save @knotes/nativescript-clipboard

NativeScript Clipboard

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A NativeScript plugin to copy and paste data from and to the device clipboard.

💡 Plugin version 2.0.0+ is compatible with NativeScript 7+. If you need to target older NativeScript versions, please stick to plugin version 1.2.0.


Run the following command from the root of your project:

tns plugin add nativescript-clipboard


TIP: Check out the demo app for TypeScript examples.

To use this plugin you must first require() it:

var clipboard = require("nativescript-clipboard");


  clipboard.setText("Something relevant to put on the clipboard.").then(function() {
console.log("OK, copied to the clipboard");


This is the synchronous version of setText, available since plugin version 1.2.0.

  clipboard.setTextSync("Something relevant to put on the clipboard.");


  clipboard.getText().then(function(content) {
console.log("Read from clipboard: " + content);


This is the synchronous version of getText, available since plugin version 1.2.0.

  var content = clipboard.getText();
console.log("Read from clipboard: " + content);

Future work

Implement support for storing data (image, etc) on the clipboard. Open an issue or PR in case you like to have that.