by leena-ai | v1.1.5
Add a plugin description
npm i --save @leena-ai/nativescript-sdk


ns plugin add @leena-ai/nativescript-sdk


XML + Typescript

  1. Add xmlns to Page element

  2. Use the name of xmlns as a selector

  3. Leena SDK exports the component named Sdk which can be used to open a Leena bot


    xmlns:ln="@leena-ai/sdk" navigatingTo="navigatingTo" class="page">
    <!-- Here Goes your Header and any other UI -->
    <ln:Sdk clientId="{{ clientId }}" token="changeme"></ln:Sdk>

Nativescript Angular

  1. Import NativeScriptSdkModule in the module you want to load Leena App
  2. Leena SDK exports a component named Sdk that can used like any other Angular component
  3. You can also provide a pageTransition if the sdk is opened as a new route with it's own component


<Button text="Leena AI" [nsRouterLink]="['/leena']" pageTransition="slideLeft" ></Button>


<Sdk clientId="clientId" token="changeme"></Sdk>

Note: Use a <GridLayout> instead of <StackLayout> if the UI does not load


Property Default Required Description
clientId - Yes The client ID for Leena bot.
token - Yes The app token which will authenticate the user with Leena App


Apache License Version 2.0