NativeScript Firebase - Core
npm i --save @nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core


A plugin to initialize FirebaseApp in your app.

Use this plugin with any of the following plugins:


Install the plugin by running the following command in the root directory of your project.

npm install @nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core

Configure Firebase for Android

To configure Firebase for Android, see Add Firebase to your Android project and follow the steps below.

Configure Firebase for iOS

To set up Firebase for iOS, see Add Firebase to your Apple project and follow the steps below:

Use @nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core

🚨 Plugin requires both @nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core and any other @nativescript-asharghi/firebase-* plugin to successfully initialize.

Instantiate Firebase and initialize a default app

Import the firebase function and call it to create a NativeScript Firebase instance. Next, call the initializeApp method on the Firebase instance to instantiate the native FirebaseApp.

import { firebase } from '@nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core'
const defaultApp = await firebase().initializeApp();

Initialize Secondary App

import { firebase, FirebaseOptions } from '@nativescript-asharghi/firebase-core'
const config = new FirebaseOptions()
const secondaryApp = await firebase().initializeApp(config, 'SECONDARY_APP');


Apache License Version 2.0