Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to NativeScript.
npm i --save @nativescript-community/gesturehandler


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Declarative API exposing platform native touch and gesture system to NativeScript.

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Run the following command from the root of your project:

ns plugin add @nativescript-community/gesturehandler


We need to do some wiring when your app starts, so open app.ts and add this before creating any View/App/Frame:

import { install } from "@nativescript-community/gesturehandler";

You create a gesture handler using something like this:

import { GestureHandlerTouchEvent, GestureHandlerStateEvent, GestureStateEventData, GestureTouchEventData, HandlerType } from '@nativescript-community/gesturehandler';

function onGestureTouch(args: GestureTouchEventData) {
const { state, extraData, view } = args.data;
view.translateX = extraData.translationX;
view.translateY = extraData.translationY;
function onGestureState(args: GestureStateEventData) {
const { state, prevState, extraData, view } = args.data;
console.log('onGestureState', state, prevState, view, extraData);
const manager = Manager.getInstance();
const gestureHandler = = manager.createGestureHandler(HandlerType.PAN, 10, {
shouldCancelWhenOutside: false
gestureHandler.on(GestureHandlerTouchEvent, onGestureTouch, this);
gestureHandler.on(GestureHandlerStateEvent, onGestureState, this);

Right now you must not forget to store the gestureHandler somewhere or the gesture won't work on iOS (native object being released). This will be fixed in future versions.

Now about the API. All the gestures for the react counterpart exist with the same options and the same event extraData.


For the gestures to work correctly we need a root view which knows how to handle the gestures. If using Page (thus Frame) you don't need to do anything. In case you don't (drawer root view, modals, ...) then you can wrap your views in a GestureRootView which inherits GridLayout

Overriding Nativescript gestures

This plugin can also override N gestures completely. This would give much more control over gestures and especially would allow to correctly handle simultaneous gestures likes tap and longpress

To do that


This is a port of react-native-gesturehandler. The source is based on the source code by Krzysztof Magiera. Dont hesitate to go and thank him for his work!


  • Basic
    • A basic example showing that overriding N gestures works, even in modals

Demos and Development


To run the demos, you must clone this repo recursively.

git clone https://github.com/@nativescript-community/gesturehandler.git --recursive

Install Dependencies:

npm i # or 'yarn install' or 'pnpm install'

Interactive Menu:

To start the interactive menu, run npm start (or yarn start or pnpm start). This will list all of the commonly used scripts.


npm run build

npm run build.angular # or for Angular


npm run demo.[ng|react|svelte|vue].[ios|android]

npm run demo.svelte.ios # Example


If you have any questions/issues/comments please feel free to create an issue or start a conversation in the NativeScript Community Discord.