by NativeScript Community | v0.0.4-alpha.4
SolidJS to work with NativeScript
npm i --save @nativescript-community/solid-js

NativeScript SolidJS

Custom render and patches for SolidJS to work with DOMiNATIVE on NativeScript



Via npm:

npm install @nativescript-commuinty/solid-js dominative undom-ng solid-js

Note: dominative, undom-ng, solid-js are peer dependencies, you have to install them manually. As the benefit for using peer dependencies, you'll be able to upgrade these dependencies directly from upstream, no need to wait for an update with @nativescript-commuinty/solid-js


import { Application } from "@nativescript/core"
import { render } from "@nativescript-commuinty/solid-js"
import { createSignal } from "solid-js"

const App = () => {
const [count, setCount] = createSignal(0)
const increment = () => {
setCount(c => c + 1)
return <>
<actionbar title="Hello, SolidJS!"></actionbar>
<label>You have taapped {count()} time(s)</label>
<button class="-primary" on:tap={increment}>Tap me!</button>

const create = () => {
render(App, document.body)
return document

Application.run({ create })


Event handling

Use on:raw-EventName and oncapture:RawEvent-Name to register event handlers instead of on___. It may be a little annoying, but NativeScript uses case sensitive event names and don't have native event bubbling, which means delegation couldn't function.

To enable capture and bubble phase of an event, please refer to this doc