Material Design Dialogs inform users about a task and can contain critical information, require decisions, or involve multiple tasks.
npm i --save @nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs

NativeScript Material Dialogs

Material Design's Dialogs component for NativeScript.

npm npm


  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. FAQ
  4. Usage


For NativeScript 7.0+

  • tns plugin add @nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs

For NativeScript 6.x

  • tns plugin add nativescript-material-dialogs

If using tns-core-modules

Be sure to run a new build after adding plugins to avoid any issues.




Uses the same API as NativeScript Dialogs.

Adds one option for alert:

  • view : can be a NativeScript View or a path to to XML component. The custom view will be added to the dialog. Possibilities become endless.


import { login, alert, prompt } from "@nativescript-community/ui-material-dialogs";

alert("Your message").then(()=> {
console.log("Dialog closed!");