Material Design Snackbars provide brief messages about app processes at the bottom of the screen.
npm i --save @nativescript-community/ui-material-snackbar

NativeScript Material Snackbar

Material Design's Snackbar component for NativeScript.

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  1. Installation
  2. Changelog
  3. FAQ
  4. Usage


:warning: Warning :warning:

From NativeScript 5.x using this component will break the NativeScript tab component on iOS (which is bound to be removed). This is needed to allow using the latest native iOS features. If needed you can use either bottomnavigationbar (this one is the best choice, closest to material design) or material-tabs (clone of the NativeScript one, but with a little less features).

For NativeScript 7.0+

  • tns plugin add @nativescript-community/ui-material-snackbar

For NativeScript 6.x

  • tns plugin add nativescript-material-snackbar

If using tns-core-modules

  • tns plugin add nativescript-material-snackbar@2.5.4

Be sure to run a new build after adding plugins to avoid any issues.





import { SnackBar } from '@nativescript-community/ui-material-snackbar';

const snackbar = new SnackBar();

export function showSimpleSnackbar() {
snackbar.simple(`I'm a simple snackbar`).then(result => console.log('Simple Snackbar:', result));

export function showActionSnackbar() {
message: `I'm a snackbar with an action`,
actionText: 'Dismiss',
hideDelay: 2000
.then(result => console.log('Action Snackbar:', result));

export function showColorfulSnackbar() {
message: `I'm a colorful snackbar`,
textColor: 'blue',
actionTextColor: 'yellow',
backgroundColor: 'green',
actionText: 'Dismiss',
hideDelay: 2000
.then(result => console.log('Action Snackbar:', result));