by nota | v8.4.2
Fully featured AudioPlayer for NativeScript. Supports gap-less audio playlist playback with variable playback speed and native remote controls
npm i --save @nota/nativescript-audioplayer

Nativescript plugin for Audio playback (Nativescript 8+)


This plugin is prepared to allow you to test and try it out via the demo folder. Additionally it provides a proper .gitignore to keep GitHub tidy as well as .npmignore to ensure everyone is happy when you publish your plugin via npm.

Android Notification

The Android foreground notification channel can be customized via the string resource keys: tns_audioplayer_notification_title and tns_audioplayer_notification_desc. See the demo strings.xml for an example. The notification icon can be set by having a drawable named tns_audioplayer_small_icon or icon (checks in that order) in your App_Resources/Android/src/main/res.


Install typescript: npm install -g typescript

  1. Make changes to plugin files
  2. Make changes in demo that would test those changes out
  3. npm run demo.ios or npm run demo.android (must be run from the root directory)

Those demo tasks are just general helpers. You may want to have more granular control on the device and/or emulator you want to run. For that, you can just run things the manual way:

cd demo

// when developing, to ensure the latest code is built into the demo, it's a guarantee to remove the plugin and add it back
tns plugin remove @nota/nativescript-audioplayer
tns plugin add ..

// manual platform adds
tns platform add ios
// and/or
tns platform add android

Then use any of the available options from the tns command line: