Carousel component for NativeScript (iOS & Android).
npm i --save @nstudio/nativescript-carousel


A simple carousel component for NativeScript.

Platform Supported Version NativeView
iOS Yes iOS 8.1+ DKCarouselView
Android Yes API 15+ ViewPager with PageIndicatorView


NativeScript 7+:

npm install @nstudio/nativescript-carousel

NativeScript less than NS7:

npm install [email protected]


  • (iOS) PagerIndicator animations not available for iOS, only Android.
  • (Android) Auto- and Infinite-paging not available.
  • (Android) Carousel still needs to be wrapped in a GridLayout for the indicator to overlap.

Attributes - Common

  • items optional (must be used with itemTemplate)

Assign a data-array to generate the slides and apply the bindingContext. If items is populated then you must use the template-option.

  • itemTemplate optional (must be used with items)

Defines the view template for each slide-view to be generated.

  • selectedPage optional

Sets/Gets the active page by index

  • showIndicator optional

Shows or hides the page-indicator

  • indicatorColor optional

Sets the active indicator color. Default is semi-transparent white. Use hex or color-name.

  • indicatorColorUnselected

Sets the color of unselected indicators

  • indicatorOffset optional

By default the indicator is centered at the bottom. You can use points (x,y) to move the indicator. E.g. indicatorOffset="100,100"

Attributes - iOS specific

  • finite optional

If true last slide will wrap back to first and visa versa

  • bounce optional

If set to 'true' scrolling will bounce at the first/last page (non-infinite). Default is 'false'.

  • autoPagingInterval optional

Defines the interval in seconds to wait before the next slide is shown. Default is 0 (off).

  • scrollEnabled optional

Enables/Disables user scroll on the Carousel.

  • ios

Returns the DKCarouselView object.

Attributes - Android specific

  • android

Returns the ViewPager object.

  • indicatorAnimation

Sets the pager-indicator animation type. Choose between: color, slide, scale, worm, thin_worm, fill, drop or none. Default is none.

  • indicatorAnimationDuration

Sets the pager-indicator animation duration in milliseconds. Default is 500.

  • indicatorAlignment

Sets the pager-indicator alignment. Choose between top or bottom. Default is bottom.

  • indicatorRadius

Sets the pager-indicator dot radius.

  • indicatorPadding

Sets the pager-indicator dot padding.

  • pageIndicatorCount

Set the indicator count which will change the underlying Android data adapter. See issue #5 discussion


iOS Android
iOS Android

Indicator animations (Android only!)

anim_none anim_color anim_scale anim_slide
anim_worm anim_thin_worm anim_fill anim_drop anim_swap



  • Moved under @nstudio scope
  • gradle plugin to use implementation


  • Hotfix release: Fixes issues with the @NativeClass() decorator.


  • Plugin updated to support NativeScript v7.0 release. Thanks to @BradMartin, @NathanWalker & @rickwalking for all the PRs and making sure the code compiles & runs. :clap:


  • Fix for iOS safe-area issues. No need to use the custom css-padding-hack any more.
  • DKCarouselView pod updated to version 2.5.0 (fix safe-area layout).
  • Known bugs: Orientation change render-issues on iOS (DKCarouselView) (help wanted).
  • Demos updated.


  • NativeScript 6.0 & AndroidX migration.
  • IndicatorView gradle bumped to 1.0.3 (androidx).
  • Some refactorings on the Android side for the plugin to work better with Angular & Vue.
  • Demos updated, again.
  • Instructions for each demo updated.


  • Fix for the dreadded PagerAdapter changed the adapter's contents without calling PagerAdapter#notifyDataSetChanged! error on Android.
  • Hotfix on the AndroidX migration.
  • Minor refactor in the refresh() function. Safer to call on demand.
  • Redesigned all demo apps. Added more advanced examples.
  • 4.x will be the last Nativescript 5.x version. All future versions will be Nativescript 6.x only and that includes AndroidX.


  • Hotfix for static items. Sorry!


  • AndroidX update for NS6. Thanks @bradmartin!
  • Code cleanup, typings fix.
  • Demos updated. Proper Vue-demo added.


  • Added setter for pageIndicatorCount for Android to enable dynamically changing the length of the carousel items array without Android throwing a crash about the adapster set changing incorrectly.


  • Carousel now extends from GridLayout instead of AbsoluteLayout (better positioning). (Thanks @bradmartin)


  • Mirgration to TypeScript, typings added (Thanks @bradmartin)
  • Cleanup in demo app, added ng-demo (Thanks @bradmartin)


  • Made comaptible for recent TNS 3.2.x releases.
  • Merged fix regarding the notifyDataSetChanged issue. Thanks @OPADA-Eng
  • Fixed issue on iOS when having only 2 slides. Thanks @sitefinitysteve


  • Made comaptible for recent TNS 3.1.x releases.
  • Updated Android indicator library to latest version.


  • Fixed an issue with events not working on Android (affected all events).


  • Fixed a critical bug on Android during refresh when navigating back to a view with a Carousel.


  • Finally! Support for TNS 3.x. Big thanks to @MattNer0, @sitefinitysteve, @hristo, @NickIliev
  • Fixed the "refresh observable" issue on Android, thanks @MattNer0.
  • New property to enable/disable scroll, thanks @sitefinitysteve.
  • New property for Android: indicatorOffset, thanks @sitefinitysteve.
  • Fixed issue with orientation change on iOS. Please use nativescript-orientation plugin in order to trigger UI-refresh.
  • Code refactor & cleanup, introduced common.js
  • Updated Pod & Android-IndicatorView to latest version.


  • Added bounce property to the plugin and the Pod. Thanks to @sitefinitysteve.


  • Fixed an issue on iOS when updating Items binding, would not refresh Carousel-view.


  • Added new event, 'pageScrolling'. Thanks to @sitefinitysteve!
  • Updated gradle for 'PageIndicatorView' to version 0.1.2
  • Updated package.json with 'plugin' metadata to comply with the upcomming 3.0 plugin standard
  • Potential fix for ViewPager.populate exception on Android.


  • Potential fix for ng2 & webpack users (Trying to link invalid 'this' to a Java object). Thanks @peterstaev.
  • Updated android indicators gradle plugin. New animation: swap!


  • Changed the iOS Pod to point to our own repo! We have the control ;)
  • New property available for iOS: indicatorColorUnselected. Allows you to set color to the unselected dots.


  • Fixed issue with the refresh function that could cause a crash or removal of slides (Android).
  • Updated Android-indicators gradle library to v0.1.0. More stable and more animations! New animations are: drop, scale and thin_worm.
  • Fixed issue with a small white bar being shown if the indicators are disabled (Android). Thanks to @EddyVerbruggen.
  • Fixed, another, potential bug that would cause app to crash when resuming he activity (Android).


  • Fixed a critical bug that would cause the app to crash when resuming the activity (Android). Thanks to @EddyVerbruggen.


  • Corrected README, iOS does indeed allow for tap-events innside the CarouselItems. Thanks @terreb!
  • Fixed the selectedPage property on iOS, now also returns selected index.
  • Updated iOS Podfile to 1.4.12


  • Added Android support!
  • Android gets animated pager-indicators made by @romandanylyk.


  • Updated pod with version '1.4.10'
  • Fixed page-change-event when finite is set to 'true'
  • Added new property 'selectedPage' (set active page by index).
  • Updated demo app


  • Initial release




I will accept pull requests that improve this and assign credit.

  • Fork and clone the repository
  • cd src && npm run setup
  • npm run demo.android for android development
  • npm run demo.ios for iOS development
  • npm run demo-ng.ios for iOS Angular app
  • npm run demo-ng.android for Android Angular
  • npm run demo-vue.ios for iOS Vue app
  • npm run demo-vue.android for Android Vue