by nStudio | v1.1.3
Plaid SDK for NativeScript
npm i --save @nstudio/nativescript-plaid


NativeScript plugin that opens the Plaid native sdk to log in to banking services.

ns plugin add @nstudio/nativescript-plaid


This plugin opens the Plaid Link flow, which walks the user through finding their institution and linking their bank account. It opens the flow in a modal view, and returns metadata for events, on exit, and on success.

import { PlaidLink } from '@nstudio/nativescript-plaid';

export class YourClass {

successPublicToken: string;

constructor() {}

open() {
// first set an event listener for the events Plaid reports back.
PlaidLink.setLinkEventListener((event) => {
console.log('linkEventListener', event);

// create a handler and pass your link token. (https://plaid.com/docs/api/tokens/)
const handler = PlaidLink.createHandler({
onSuccess: (linkSuccess) => {
console.log('linkSuccess', linkSuccess);
this.set('successPublicToken', linkSuccess.publicToken)
onExit: (linkExit) => {
console.log('linkExit', linkExit);



  • setLinkEventListener() - Listens to events created by the flow.
  • createHandler() - Creates a handler with a config including token, onSuccess and onExit functions.
  • handler.open(config: PlaidLinkConfig) - Opens the flow in a modal. When user exits or successfully links an account, the modal closes.



Apache License Version 2.0