by nStudio | v2.1.0
A NativeScript plugin for the Material Design SnackBar.
npm i --save @nstudio/nativescript-snackbar

NativeScript-Snackbar 🍭 🍫 🍦

NativeScript plugin for Material Design SnackBar component.

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NativeScript 7+: tns plugin add @nstudio/nativescript-snackbar

NativeScript version prior to 7: tns plugin add @nstudio/nativescript-snackbar@1.1.2





import { SnackBar, SnackBarOptions } from "@nstudio/nativescript-snackbar";

// Create an instance of SnackBar
const snackbar = new SnackBar();

/// Show a simple snackbar with no actions
public showSimple() {
snackbar.simple('Snackbar', 'red', '#fff', 3, false).then((args) => {
this.set('jsonResult', JSON.stringify(args))

/// Show an Action snack bar
public showAction() {
const options: SnackBarOptions = {
actionText: this.get('actionText'),
actionTextColor: '#ff4081',
snackText: this.get('snackText'),
textColor: '#346db2',
hideDelay: 3500,
backgroundColor: '#eaeaea',
maxLines: 3, // Optional, Android Only
isRTL: false,
view: <View>someView, // Optional, Android Only, default to topmost().currentPage
padding: number //Optional, iOS only

snackbar.action(options).then((args) => {
if (args.command === "Action") {
this.set('jsonResult', JSON.stringify(args))
} else {
this.set('jsonResult', JSON.stringify(args));


Show a simple SnackBar (color args will only work on Android)

  • simple(snackText: string, textColor?: string, backgroundColor?: string, maxLines?: number, isRTL?: boolean, view?: View): Promise

Show a SnackBar with Action.

  • action(options: SnackBarOptions): Promise

Manually dismiss an active SnackBar

  • dismiss(): Promise

SnackBarOptions Interface

  • actionText: string
  • actionTextColor: string
  • snackText: string
  • hideDelay: number
  • textColor: string
  • backgroundColor: string
  • maxLines: number
  • isRTL: boolean
  • view: View
  • padding: number

Run Demo

git clone https://github.com/nstudio/nativescript-snackbar.git
cd nativescript-snackbar/src
npm run build

npm run demo.ios

// or...

npm run demo.android