by nStudio | v1.0.0
🕵️ A NativeScript Library for interacting with the tracking API for iOS 14+
npm i --save @nstudio/nativescript-tracking-transparency


🕵️ A NativeScript Library for interacting with the tracking API for iOS 14+

ns plugin add @nstudio/nativescript-tracking-transparency


Open App_Resources/iOS/Info.plist and add this to the bottom:

<string>$(PRODUCT_NAME) requires your permission to track in order to show you more relevant ads.</string>

Replace NSUserTrackingUsageDescription description string with something of your liking.

import { TrackingTransparency, TrackingStatus } from '@nstudio/nativescript-tracking-transparency';

// get status
const status = TrackingTransparency.getTrackingStatus();
if (status === TrackingStatus.Authorized || status === TrackingStatus.Unavailable) {
// enable tracking features

// request access
TrackingTransparency.requestTrackingPermission().then(status => {
if (status === TrackingStatus.Authorized) {
// enable tracking features
  • TrackingStatus.Unavailable: The tracking API is not available on the current device. That's the case on Android devices and iPhones below iOS 14.
  • TrackingStatus.Denied: The user has explicitly denied permission to track. You'd want to respect that and disable any tracking features in your app.
  • TrackingStatus.Authorized: The user has granted permission to track. You can now enable tracking features in your app.
  • TrackingStatus.Restricted: The tracking permission alert cannot be shown, because the device is restricted. See ATTrackingManager.AuthorizationStatus.restricted for more information.
  • TrackingStatus.NotDetermined: The user has not been asked to grant tracking permissions yet. Call requestTrackingPermission().


Apache License Version 2.0