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Open Native helps cross platform communities work better together.
npm i --save @open-native/core

Open Native is an effort to bring cross platform communities together & help them collaborate and share work.


npm install @open-native/core

Android Setup

Create `App_Resources/Android/before-plugins.gradle with the following contents

apply from: new File(["node", "--print", "require.resolve('@open-native/core/package.json')"].execute(null, rootDir).text.trim(), "../scripts/open-native.gradle");

Create App_Resources/Android/settings.gradle and paste the following contents:

apply from: new File(["node", "--print", "require.resolve('@open-native/core/package.json')"].execute(null, rootDir).text.trim(), "../scripts/native_modules.gradle");

Configure Webpack (Optional)

If you install a react-native module & get errors during webpack complation, install metro-react-native-babel-preset via npm/yarn.

npm install -D metro-react-native-babel-preset

add the following preset to your webpack config.

webpack.chainWebpack((config) => {
// Add each react-native module that gives errors in webpack build here
// like this:
babelrc: false,
presets: ['module:metro-react-native-babel-preset'],

That's all, try out some react-native modules & feel free to open and issue if you face a problem.

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MIT License

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