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Nativescript plugin that implements MxChip's Easylink device setup protocol.
npm i --save @plmservices/nativescript-easylink

NativeScript Easylink apple android

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This plugin implements MxChip's Easylink device discovery/configuration protocol.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with MxChip and this project is not endorsed by them. The native code that this plugin uses is publicly supplied by MxChip and all rights and credit for the native code belongs to MxChip.

Prerequisites / Requirements

To use this under iOS you must:

  • Request the access to the multicast special entitlement directly from Apple
  • Create a provisioning profile containing that entitlement
  • Create an app.entitlements file containing:

Some helpful information on this can be found at: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/663271


ns plugin add @plmservices/nativescript-easylink


import * as Easylink from '@plmservices/nativescript-easylink';

const ssid: string = Easylink.ssid();
const password: string = 'password';
const type: number = 4; // AWS style
Easylink.startDiscovery(ssid, password, style);



Method Description
public destroy(): void; Releases allocated resources
public startDiscovery(ssid: string, password: string, type: number): Promise; Start device discovery
public stopDiscovery(): void; Stops device discovery
public ssid(): string; Returns the SSID of the locally attached WiFi network


  • Angular demo app
  • Vue demo app


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Apache License Version 2.0