by sirl-io | v2.4.1
Tool for auto-generating Software Development Kits (SDKs) for LoopBack
npm i --save @sirl-io/loopback-sdk-builder

LoopBack SDK Builder

Disclaimer: This project is a clone of @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder by the author Jonathan Casarrubias. Given the project is no longer in active management we are making and contributing changes to this version.

The @sirl-io/loopback-sdk-builder is a community driven module forked from the official loopback-sdk-angular and refactored to support Angular 2+.

The LoopBack SDK Builder will explore your LoopBack Application and will automatically build everything you need to start writing your Angular 2 Applications right away. From Interfaces and Models to API Services and Real-time communications.

NOTE: This sdk builder is not compatible with LoopBack 4.


$ cd to/loopback/project
$ npm install --save-dev @sirl-io/loopback-sdk-builder




Most of the PRs fixing any reported issue or adding a new functionality are being accepted.

Use the development branch to create a new branch from. If adding new features a new unit test will be expected, though most of the patches nowadays are small fixes or tweaks that usually won't require a new test.