by triniwiz | v1.0.0
SMS plugin for your NativeScript app
npm i --save @triniwiz/nativescript-messenger


npm install @triniwiz/nativescript-messenger



send: Sends a message to one or multiple recipients

  • numbers: An array of phone number strings. Supports just one or multiple. optional
  • message: The body message. optional
  • subject: The subject message. optional
  • media: Attachments switches message to mms supports png,jpeg,mp4 optional
import {send, available} from "@triniwiz/nativescript-messenger";
const numbers = ["868-657-1234", "868-630-4321", "868-648-1122"];
send(numbers, "My message", "Subject of Message", [
fileName: 'destiny_2.jpg',
mimeType: 'image/jpg',
path: '~/assets/destiny_2.jpg',

This method also returns a promise. Use as so to define actions after the user has either canceled or sent the message.

    send(["868-555-5555", "868-555-4444"], "this is body").then(function(args){
// either a string saying cancelled or sent
// just a string with more detail than response.

/* you can do stuff here.. this happens back
in your app after the message window has
been dismissed */

}, function (e) {
console.log("Error occurred " + e);
// e will show a vague error message.


Apache License Version 2.0