by vulksoft | v7.0.5
Handle your manifest and plist version.
npm i --save @vulksoft/nativescript-hook-versioning

Nativescript Hook Versioning


This plugin add an hook that do the followings things:

  • Take your version from nativescript.config.ts and put it as versionName into your AndroidManifest.xml and as CFBundleShortVersionString into your Info.plist.
  • Take an environment variable of your choice and put it as versionCode into your AndroidManifest.xml and as CFBundleVersion into your Info.plist. That allow you to use an environment variable from your CICD and auto increment your version code.


ns plugin add nativescript-hook-versioning


You can add the following configuration into your nativescript.config.ts

nativescriptHookVersioning: {
versionName: true,
versionCode: {
enabled: true,
content: 'BUNDLE_VERSION_CODE', // This can contains '+ANY_NUMBER' if you need to increment your versionCode.

to configure it to your likings.