by webileapps | v0.2.7
A plugin for nativescript that exposes the radiogroup and radiobutton native view elements.
npm i --save @webileapps/nativescript-radiobutton


This is a fork of other NativeScript plugin for the native radiogroup and radiobutton widget.

Changes from the original plugin

  • Support for tintColor xml property ( or tint-color css property).
  • Make color xml (and css property) work correctly.

Platform controls used:

Android iOS
Android RadioGroup NONE
Android RadioButton NONE


From your command prompt/terminal go to your app's root folder and execute:

tns plugin add @webileapps/nativescript-radiobutton


Demo App

If you want a quickstart, clone the repo, cd src, and execute the following commands:

npm install
npm run demo.android


Import to NgModule for use

import { RadioButtonModule } from '@webileapps/nativescript-radiobutton/angular'

imports: [

Place this in your view.

<RadioGroup [(value)]="dataBoundVariable">
<RadioButton text="Selection 1"></RadioButton>
<RadioButton text="Selection 2"></RadioButton>
<RadioButton text="Selection 3"></RadioButton>


In your main.js register both RadioGroup and RadioButton elements

Vue.registerElement('RadioGroup', () => require('@webileapps/nativescript-radiobutton').RadioGroup)
Vue.registerElement('RadioButton', () => require('@webileapps/nativescript-radiobutton').RadioButton)

And in your template, use it


v-for="item in someList"


Supported Properties


Android Example
enabled enabled="true | false"
text text="a string"
checked checked="true | false"


Android Returns
value the index of the radio button selected

Supported Events


Android Type
value EventEmitter