by ably | v1.1.0
Ably for NativeScript
npm i --save ably-nativescript


A Nativescript client library for Ably Realtime, a realtime data delivery platform.

This repo is a wrapper for the ably-js client library which introduces a dependency needed by Nativescript. See the ably-js README for usage details of the ably-js client library.

For complete API documentation, see the Ably Realtime documentation.

How to use this library

Installation from npm

npm install ably-nativescript

Installation from tns

tns plugin add ably-nativescript


For the realtime library:

var realtime = require('ably-nativescript').Realtime;

For the rest-only library:

var realtime = require('ably-nativescript').Rest;

API usage, tests, contributing, etc.

See the ably-js repo.


Is this repo actively maintained?

Yes, this repo typically has very few recent commits because this repo doesn't do very much: it's a very thin wrapper around the ably-js repo.


Copyright (c) 2017 Ably Real-time Ltd, Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Refer to LICENSE for the license terms.