by hariroshan | v1.1.1
Nativescript bindings for elm using custom HTML elements
npm i --save elm-native-js

Elm custom elements bindings for Nativescript

This library should be used with elm-native elm library

How it works

We will use CustomElements feature to create mobile UI elements with nativescript objects and control the nativescript object from elm.

Here's a simple representation of how UI elements are created

Elm -> Nativescript -> Mobile

When we listen for / receive an event,

Mobile -> Nativescript -> Elm

Consider this flow while building an application. This will help you to overcome performance issues if you encounter them.

Supported Features

  • Dialog
  • Page transitions animations
  • Modal page
  • Execution of OS specific property assignment and Native code (Be careful)
  • Navigating page back and forth using frame functions
  • Has bindings for all Nativescript UI elements
  • Calling methods/setting attributes in the event object within elm (Will be improved in future)
  • Simple and complex listviews templates
  • Define and use custom nativescript elements / plugins and much more

More features will be added soon.