Your awesome NativeScript + Angular plugin.
npm i --save nat-test

Develop a nativescript-angular plugin now

Angular 2 Style Guide MIT license Dependency Status

Android and iPhone running the same {N} + Angular plugin.

The seed is setup to allow you to create a nativescript-angular plugin quickly.

  • Sample demo app ready for you to try out your plugin as you develop it.
  • Sample Component, Directive, Pipe and Service created for you (tests coming soon) to get started right away.
  • Customize whichever is helpful to your plugin and remove the others.

Get started

  1. Download a zip of this seed.
  2. cd ... path/to/unzip/folder ...
  3. npm install -g nativescript
  4. npm run setup
  5. Get to work.

Changes needed

You will want to change a couple things for your plugin.

  1. Replace all instances of nativescript-ngx-yourplugin with name of your plugin:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  • Here: (And likely modify more to tailor to your specific plugins typescript definition needs)
  1. Modify the demo to import your plugin files, etc:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  1. Replace the 'YourPluginModule' with your plugin module name:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  • Here:
  1. If you modified the name of services,components,... or created new ones that you want to export them:
  • Here:

Develop Workflow

Make changes to plugin files, then:

npm run demo.ios

// or...

npm run

Build Plugin

You'll want to run this before publishing.

npm run build


packagedev.json should always mirror your package.json for development. After installing dependencies for your plugin and running your demo, just copy contents of package.json to packagedev.json.

Then to publish:

  1. Setup packagepublish.json the way you want your plugin published (Bumping correct version and setting the description, author, keywords, repo, main, and typings correctly for instance).
  2. node prep publish (This will set your package.json to be your packagepublish.json).
  3. npm run build (Create a fresh build of your library)
  4. npm publish

Back to development

After publishing, it's a good idea to set your package.json back to development mode before committing your changes. Your packagedev.json should be exactly what your development mode package was before publishing above.

  1. node prep dev
  2. Continue developing.


When preparing your demo if you get the following error message:

Plugin "nativescript-ngx-yourplugin" is not installed.
Sending exception report (press Ctrl+C to stop).....

This means your plugin has not been copied over to the demo project, or failed when running the demo command previously. To resolve this run npm run repair.

Why the TNS prefixed name?

TNS stands for Telerik NativeScript

iOS uses classes prefixed with NS (stemming from the NeXTSTEP days of old):

To avoid confusion with iOS native classes, TNS is used instead.