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Camera plugin for NativeScript
npm i --save nativescript-advanced-camera

NativeScript Advanced Camera

A highly customizable NativeScript camera plugin that can easily be embedded in a view.


  • This plugin is still in development, so for now forget highly customizable. 🙂
  • For feature requests and bugs, feel free to open a new issue.

Table of contents:



$ tns plugin add nativescript-advanced-camera


Angular 11+

HTML Template: home.component.html

<AdvancedCamera height="300dp" width="300dp" backgroundColor="black" (loaded)="onLoaded($event)"></AdvancedCamera>

Component: home.component.ts

import {EventData, isIOS} from "@nativescript/core";
import {AdvancedCamera} from "nativescript-advanced-camera";

registerElement('AdvancedCamera', () => AdvancedCamera);

selector: "Home",
templateUrl: "./home.component.html"
export class HomeComponent {
private cam: AdvancedCamera;

public onLoaded(event: EventData) {
console.log('Cam Loaded'); = <AdvancedCamera> event.object;

public record(): void {
console.log('Start Recording');;

public stop(): void {
console.log('Stop Recording'); => {
const path = isIOS ? file.path : file.getPath();


Note: To add features to this list, feel free to open a new issue.

Feature Android iOS
Start & Stop Video Recording :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
Take Photos :x: :x:
Write Video / Photos to Library :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark:
Switch between Front / Back Camera :x: :x:


Common Properties

Property Type Description
writeFilesToPhoneLibrary Boolean Enable / Disable saving the files to phone library.

iOS Specific Properties

Property Type Description
shouldKeepViewAtOrientationChanges Boolean Enable / Disable keeping the view with the same bounds when the orientation changes.
shouldRespondToOrientationChanges Boolean Enable / Disable the video following device orientation.
writeFilesToPhoneLibrary Boolean Enable / Disable saving the files to phone library.


Common Methods

Method Description
record() Starts recording a video.
stop() Stops the video recording and returns a Promise that gives the video file.

iOS Specific Methods

Method Description
resetOrientation() Reset and redraw the preview layer orientation.