by dprietti | v1.0.1
A NativeScript module to add Ampersand Models and Collections for use in place of nativescript observables
npm i --save nativescript-ampersand


A NativeScript module to add Ampersand.js Models and Rest Collections for use in place of nativescript observables. Ampersand.js is a fork of Backbone.js, providing alot of the same functionality with additional features. All server sync methods are available and uses the built in Nativescript http module out of the box. For more information on Ampersand.js see their documentation.

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Run npm install nativescript-ampersand --save from your nativescript project



Just use require("nativescript-ampersand/model") to include the AmpersandModel, and then extend it for your model. See the Ampersand Model documentation for available methods and configuration options.

// ./app/models/todo.js

var AmpersandModel = require("nativescript-ampersand/model");

module.exports = AmpersandModel.extend({

urlRoot: "",

// Properties this model will store
props: {
title: {
type: 'string',
default: ''
completed: {
type: 'boolean',
default: false
// session properties work the same way as `props`
// but will not be included when serializing.
session: {
editing: {
type: 'boolean',
default: false
destroy: function () {
if (this.collection) {

Then just use them in your views. You can set them to the view's bindingContext and they'll automatically update with any model changes.

// ./app/views/todo-view.js
var TodoModel = require( "../models/todo" );

var todo = new Todo({
title: "Enter new TODO"

exports.load = function(args){
args.object.bindingContext = todo;
} = function() {;
Rest Collections

Just use require("nativescript-ampersand/collection") to include the AmpersandRestCollection, and then extend it for your collection.

// ./app/collections/todo-collection.js

var AmpersandCollection = require("nativescript-ampersand/collection");
var TodoModel = require("../models/todo")

module.exports = AmpersandCollection.extend({
url: "",
model: TodoModel

Then just use them in your views. You can bind them to a listview and they'll automatically update with collection changes.

// ./app/views/todos.js
var TodoCollection = require( "../collections/todo-collection" );

var todos = new TodoCollection();

exports.load = function(args){
args.object.bindingContext = {todos: todos};

exports.refresh = function() {
<!-- ./app/views/todos.xml -->
<Page navigatedTo="load">
<ListView items="{{ todos }}">
<GridLayout rows="50">
<Label text="{{ title }}" />