Use animate.css on your Nativescript + SASS apps
npm i --save nativescript-animate-sass

Nativescript + SASS Animations

This is a Nativescript & SASS port of the popular animate.css library for your Nativescript + SASS apps.

How To

  • Install. (Its expected that you have nativescript-dev-sass installed as well).
npm i nativescript-animate-sass --save
  • In your SASS file.
@import '~nativescript-animate-sass/animate.scss';
// or
// @import '~nativescript-animate-sass/src/pulse.scss';

// pulse($duration, $function, $infinite?: boolean)
.pulse {
@include pulse(2.5s, ease-in, true);
  • This should produce
.pulse { 
animation-name: pulse;
animation-duration: 2.5s;
animation-fill-mode: both;
animation-timing-function: ease-in;
animation-iteration-count: infinite;
  • In your Component.
  <Button class="pulse" text="Animate"></Button>
  • Thats all. For more info on animations, see animate.css.