Application duplicator for nativescript. Used to manage many apps in same project space
npm i --save nativescript-app-duplicator


A tool to manage duplicated app in same project

What mean this package

Sometimes in our business we have two o more app than are the same but with differents UI. Instead of create more project, this tools helps you to manage multiples app with one project for {N}.


Use it with npx

npm install -g npx


npm install nativescript-app-duplicator

How it works

In first place, this plugin works with webpack flow for {N} and every commands needs a project "state" to work. Lets see commands

npx ns-dup [APPNAME] [--option]

Options than require APPNAME:

  • --workwith or -w: set the project state to "Working on APPNAME"
  • --restore or -r: restore APPNAME on state "not working" and set "Neutral state"
  • --new or -n: needs to be in state "WOKRING", it will duplicate the WORKING project with APPNAME namew
  • --delete or -d: delete APPNAME project

Not require APPNAME:

  • --help or -h: show options

Starting a new project

After you've created a new project with {N} cli, you have to enter in a multiproject state, so you must execute

npx ns-dup [FIRST_PROJECT_NAME] --restore


Working state

When a project is in a "working state" it means that you can work on it, the other project will not be affected ƒrom your changes on it.

Neutral state

No project are in working state

Phisically meaing of states

Projects structure


|- App_Resources_[PROJECT NAME]



[PROJECT NAME]_package.json


The duplicator renames resources and package.json to works with {N} CLI