by Adam Denoon | v1.0.3
NativeScript plugin to play audio.
npm i --save nativescript-audio-player

NativeScript Audio Player

NativeScript plugin to play audio files for Android and iOS.

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tns plugin add nativescript-audio-player

Native Classes


TypeScript Example

import { TNSPlayer } from 'nativescript-audio-player';

export class YourClass {
private _player: TNSPlayer;

constructor() {
this._player = new TNSPlayer();
this._player.debug = true; // set true to enable TNSPlayer console logs for debugging.
audioFile: '~/audio/song.mp3', // ~ = app directory
loop: false,
completeCallback: this._trackComplete.bind(this),
errorCallback: this._trackError.bind(this)
.then(() => {
this._player.getAudioTrackDuration().then(duration => {
// iOS: duration is in seconds
// Android: duration is in milliseconds
console.log(`song duration:`, duration);

public togglePlay() {
if (this._player.isAudioPlaying())
} else {;

private _trackComplete(args: any) {
console.log('reference back to player:', args.player);
// iOS only: flag indicating if completed succesfully
console.log('whether song play completed successfully:', args.flag);

private _trackError(args: any) {
console.log('reference back to player:', args.player);
console.log('the error:', args.error);
// Android only: extra detail on error
console.log('extra info on the error:', args.extra);

Javascript Example:

const audio = require('nativescript-audio-player');

const player = new audio.TNSPlayer();
const playerOptions = {
audioFile: 'http://some/audio/file.mp3',
loop: false,
completeCallback: function() {
console.log('finished playing');
errorCallback: function(errorObject) {
infoCallback: function(args) {

.then(function(res) {
.catch(function(err) {
console.log('something went wrong...', err);



TNSPlayer Methods

Method Description
initFromFile(options: AudioPlayerOptions): Promise Initialize player instance with a file without auto-playing.
playFromFile(options: AudioPlayerOptions): Promise Auto-play from a file.
initFromUrl(options: AudioPlayerOptions): Promise Initialize player instance from a url without auto-playing.
playFromUrl(options: AudioPlayerOptions): Promise Auto-play from a url.
pause(): Promise<boolean> Pause playback.
resume(): void Resume playback.
seekTo(time:number): Promise<boolean> Seek to position.
dispose(): Promise<boolean> Free up resources when done playing audio.
isAudioPlaying(): boolean Determine if player is playing.
getAudioTrackDuration(): Promise<string> Duration of media file assigned to the player.
playAtTime(time: number): void - iOS Only Play audio track at specific time of duration.
changePlayerSpeed(speed: number): void - On Android Only API 23+ Change the playback speed of the media player.

TNSPlayer Instance Properties

Property Description
ios Get the native ios AVAudioPlayer instance.
android Get the native android MediaPlayer instance.
debug: boolean Set true to enable debugging console logs (default false).
currentTime: number Get the current time in the media file's duration.
volume: number Get/Set the player volume. Value range from 0 to 1.