NativeScript plugin to wrap Ausweisapp2 SDK API
npm i --save nativescript-ausweisapp-sdk-wrapper


This plugin wraps the Ausweisapp2 SDK to a simpler Javascript API.

Official documentation at


Contains a DEMO angular application

Demo app


    $ cd demo-angular
$ tns debug android

Consider using PersoSim to simulate a test eID-Card.


Install this plugin regulary with this command

tns plugin add nativescript-ausweisapp-sdk-wrapper

Integration in app

Head over to the guide here on how to integrate this API in your project

There you will find details on how to

  1. Create required activity
  2. Configure webpack
  3. Edit AndroidManifest.xml


Use this typings definition for Typescript and adding IntelliSense support.

/// <reference path="./node_modules/nativescript-ausweisapp-sdk-wrapper/typings/ausweisapp-sdk-wrapper-android-declarations.d.ts" />
    let foregroundActivity = androidApp.foregroundActivity as
const wrapper = sf.AusweisappSDKWrapper.getInstance(foregroundActivity) as sf.AusweisappSDKWrapper
const callbacks = [
new sf.MessageCallbackPair(sf.Message.__ANY_MESSAGE,
new sf.IMessageCallback({
onMessage: (message: sf.Message, jsonObject: JSONObject) => {
console.log(`received`, `message:${message}`, `${jsonObject.toString(2)}`)
wrapper.onReady(new sf.AusweisappSDKConnector.IAusweisappSDKConnectorListener({
onReady: () => {
console.log(`SDK wrapper is ready now`)
wrapper.getCommander().exec(sf.Command.SET_PIN, new JSONObject().put('value', '123456'), callbacks)
onDisconnect: () => {
console.log(`SDK wrapper disconnected`)
onError: (throwable: java.lang.Throwable) => {
console.log(`SDK wrapper failed:`, `${throwable}`)


See API usage guide here for a deeper look inside.

Also take a look to the official documentation site of the Ausweisapp SDK at


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004