by Arnav Gupta | v0.1.1
Awesome WebViews for all NativeScript Apps!
npm i --save nativescript-awesome-webview


A WebView plugin for NativeScript {N} that uses Chrome Custom Tabs in Android and SFSafariViewController in iOS. It is awesome because now you can use the system's default browser, letting people maintain active logins across websites (instead of having to freshly login to sites in the scope of your app's webview). Which means the custom tabs (or safari view) loads really fast! Also you can set the color of the title bar and controls of the custom tab / safari view.

Prerequisites / Requirements

As of now, there aren't any prerequisites. This should work with any device, any OS.


For tns projects (Angular, Typescript, Javascript)

tns plugin add nativescript-awesome-webview

For vue-cli projects (Nativescript-Vue)

npm install nativescript-awesome-webview



Javascript -

const {init, openWebView} = require('nativescript-awesome-webview');

Typescript -

import {init, openWebView} from 'nativescript-awesome-webview';

1. Initialise (optional, only Android)


NOTE: This warms up the Chrome Custom Tab on Android For details check this

Calling init() does nothing on iOS. So if you're making for both OS, calling the function doesn't hurt in iOS.

2. Open an URL

url: '',
toolbarColor: '#2277aa',
toolbarControlsColor: '#eebb99'

openWebView options

AwesomeWebviewOptions structure (the object you pass into openWebView)

Property Default Description
url required The URL to open
showTitle false Shows title bar in the webview
toolbarColor undefined Color of the toolbar
toolbarControlsColor undefined (only iOS) color of buttons on toolbar
isClosed undefined callback function that will be called when webview is closed


This is free, open source and do-whatever-you-want-ware. I really don't care. But if you need an official license -

Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004