A NativeScript module to read Azure Mobile Services backend table data
npm i --save nativescript-azure-mobile-basic

NativeScript Azure Mobile Services Basic

NativeScript module for basic table data GET via Azure Mobile Services as a backend. Use require() to include the module. This is a super basic fetch using a URL, key, and table name to demonstrate the concept. A more in-depth Azure Mobile Services module is coming.


  1. set up an Azure Mobile Service, get the URL and Application key.
  2. create the MobileServiceClient
// viewmodel.js
var client = new azuremobile.MobileServiceClient(
"https://<Your Mobile Service URL>",
"<Your mobile service application key>"
  1. call getTableItems on the client, passing in the table name and the data column name
    var itemArr = [];

client.getTableItems('<tableName>', '<dataColumnName>', itemArr)
for (var i = 0; i < itemArr.length; ++i) {