by sean-perkins | v0.1.2
NativeScript plugin for badges inside of buttons.
npm i --save nativescript-badge-button

NativeScript Badge Button Plugin

npm npm

Creates a native UIButton with a badge component. Currently only supported on iOS.

Getting Started

  • npm install nativescript-badge-button --save
  • Add the BadgeButton element to your Page tag:
  • Use the element on your page:
<BadgeButton:BadgeButton text="Button with Badge" badgeValue="1" badgeOriginX="450" />

Available Properties

Property Type Default
badgeBGColor UIColor redColor
badgeTextColor UIColor whiteColor
badgeFont UIFont systemFontOfSize:12.0
badgePadding number 6
badgeMinSize number 8
badgeOriginX number 0
badgeOriginY number -4
shouldHideBadgeAtZero boolean true
shouldAnimateBadge boolean true


  • Note: Incremental badge is animated, but recording tool can only capture 4 fps. Image

Known Issues

  • Positioning of the badge is incorrect when rotating the device
  • OriginX of the badge does not auto calculate based on the button text