NativeScript Chromecast Plugin.
npm i --save nativescript-cast


Chromecast support for NativeScript 6.


You must have a valid Chromecast Application ID. You can obtain one at the Google Cast Developer Console.

NativeScript 6 or higher. For lower versions, you can use an older version of this plugin 0.1.2.


tns plugin add nativescript-cast



Set your Application ID.

<!-- App_Resources/Android/src/main/res/values/strings.xml -->
<string name="app_id">4F8B3483</string>

The Google Cast design checklist requires a sender app to provide an expanded controller. Include ExpandedControllerActivity in your AndroidManifest.xml.

<!-- App_Resources/Android/src/main/res/AndroidManifest.xml -->

<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/>


If you are using Webpack, add 'nativescript-cast/cast-options-provider' to appComponents. You will have to repeat this step after performing a tns update.

// webpack.config.js
const appComponents = [

Alternatively you can create a custom webpack configuration. See the demo for an example.


Set your Application ID.

<!-- App_Resources/iOS/Info.plist -->

Add the following before your This will initialise the GCKCastContext with the Application ID from your Info.plist file.

import * as application from 'tns-core-modules/application';
import * as utils from 'tns-core-modules/utils/utils';

application.on(application.launchEvent, (args) => {
if (args.ios !== undefined) {
// AppID value from Info.plist
const mainBundle = utils.ios.getter(NSBundle, NSBundle.mainBundle);
const appId = mainBundle.infoDictionary.objectForKey('AppID');

const castOptions = GCKCastOptions.alloc().initWithReceiverApplicationID(appId);

⚠️ iOS 12+ & Xcode 10 ⚠️

If developing using Xcode 10 and targeting iOS devices running iOS 12 or higher, the "Access WiFi Information" capability is required in order to discover and connect to Cast devices. The plugin comes with an app.entitlements which will add this capability to the workspace, however, you must also Add the Access WiFi information feature to your App ID .

See iOS sender setup for more info.

⚠️ iOS 13+ & Guest Mode ⚠️

iOS 13+ requires Bluetooth and Microphone permissions in order to use Guest Mode with Chromecast. This plugin sets these permissions in the Info.plist file.

See iOS Guest Mode for more info.

Place CastButton in to your view.



<ActionBar title="App Name">
<ActionItem ios.position="right">
<cast:CastButton cast="{{ handleCastEvent }}" />
<!-- ... -->


Add NativescriptCastModule in your app's module imports, typically in app.module.ts.

import { NativescriptCastModule } from 'nativescript-cast/angular';

imports: [

Include in your template.

<ActionBar [title]="App Name" >
<ActionItem ios.position="right">
<CastButton (cast)="handleCastEvent($event)"></CastButton>


Register the element in your app's main entry point, typically main.ts.

Vue.registerElement('CastButton', () => require('nativescript-cast').CastButton);

Include in your template.

<ActionBar title="App Name">
<ActionItem ios.position="right">
<CastButton @cast="handleCastEvent" />

Event handler

Set up an event handler for all cast events. The cast instance is available on args.object.

handleCastEvent(args): void {
console.log('cast: ' + args.object);
console.log('eventName: ' +;


When the Cast receiver is ready, you can load your media.

const mediaInfo = {
contentId: '',
contentType: 'video/mp4',
streamType: 'BUFFERED',
duration: undefined,
metadata: {
metadataType: 'MOVIE',
title: 'Tears of Steel',
subtitle: 'By Blender Foundation',
description: 'Sintel is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation.',
images: [
url: '',
width: 480,
height: 270,
textTracks: [
src: '',
contentType: 'text/vtt',
name: 'English',
language: 'en'
src: '',
contentType: 'text/vtt',
name: 'Spanish',
language: 'es'
textTrackStyle: {
foregroundColor: '#0000cc',
backgroundColor: '#00cc00',
customData: {
anything: 'you like'




Event names follow the Android naming structure. iOS events are passed from GCKSessionManagerListener, GCKRemoteMediaClientListener and GCKMediaQueueDelegate. Android events are passed from SessionManagerListener, MediaRouter.Callback and MediaQueue.Callback.

NativeScript Android iOS
onSessionEnded onSessionEnded didEndSession
onSessionEnding onSessionEnding willEndSession
onSessionResumed onSessionResumed didResumeSession
onSessionResuming onSessionResuming willResumeSession
onSessionStarted onSessionStarted didStartSession
onSessionStartFailed onSessionStartFailed didFailToStartSession
onSessionStarting onSessionStarting willStartSession
onSessionSuspended onSessionSuspended didSuspendSession
onDeviceVolumeChanged onRouteVolumeChanged didReceiveDeviceVolume
onDeviceChanged onRouteChanged didUpdateDevice
onMediaStatusChanged onStatusUpdated remoteMediaClientDidUpdateMediaStatus
mediaQueueWillChange mediaQueueWillChange mediaQueueWillChange
itemsReloaded itemsReloaded mediaQueueDidReloadItems
itemsInsertedInRange itemsInsertedInRange didInsertItemsInRange
itemsUpdatedAtIndexes itemsUpdatedAtIndexes didUpdateItemsAtIndexes
itemsRemovedAtIndexes itemsRemovedAtIndexes didRemoveItemsAtIndexes
mediaQueueChanged mediaQueueChanged mediaQueueDidChange

All unlisted events are ignored. See related documentation for futher details.




See cast.types for method options.

  • loadMedia(media: CastMediaInfo, options?: LoadMediaOptions): void

    Loads the specified media.

  • loadQueue(options: LoadQueueOptions): void

    Loads a queue of media items.

  • playMedia(customData? any): void

    Plays the loaded media.

  • pauseMedia(customData? any): void

    Pauses the loaded media.

  • seekMedia(position: number, resumeState?: ResumeState , customData?: any): void

    Seeks the loaded media to position (seconds).

  • stopMedia(customData? any): void

    Stops the loaded media.

  • showController(): void

    Show the expanded controller.

  • showCastInstructions(title: string, singleTime: boolean): void

    Shows the Cast instructions overlay. title and singleTime arguments are Android-only.

  • showCastDialog(): void

    Show the Cast destination dialog.

  • getMediaInfo(): CastMediaInfo

    Returns the loaded media info.

  • setActiveTrackIds([trackIds]): void

    Pass an array of IDs defined in textTracks to show subtitles. Pass an empty array to hide.

  • queueNextItem(): void

    Play the next item in the queue.

  • queuePreviousItem(): void

    Play the previous item in the queue.

  • queueSetRepeatMode(repeatMode: RepeatMode): void

    Set the queue repeat mode.

  • queueInsertItem(options: QueueInsertItemOptions): void

    Insert a single queue item.

  • queueInsertItems(options: QueueInsertItemsOptions): void

    Insert multiple queue items.

  • queueRemoveItems(itemIDs: number[], customData?: any): void

    Remove queue items by ID.

  • queueReorderItems(itemIDs: number[], beforeItemID: number, customData?: any): void

    Reorder queue items by ID.

  • queueJumpToItem(itemID: number, playPosition?: number, customData? any): void

    Jump to queue item by ID.



  • CodeLab - Current employer. Developed this plugin whilst learning NativeScript.
  • - Financed the development of Queue Support.