Couchbase Lite NativeScript Plugin.
npm i --save nativescript-cblite

NativeScript CB-Lite

A plugin for Couchbase Lite on NativeScript supporting LiteServ internal REST operations.


Android version working but yet in CBL 1.4.4. iOS still pending some code. For a complete and updated plugin check:


tns plugin add nativescript-cblite


First you need to import the main class

import { CBLite } from 'nativescript-cblite';

In case you'll use the REST api, the following command will initialize it and provide the base url:

const url = Utils.startCBLListener();

Then you need to instantiate the CBLite class

const cblite = new CBLite('databaseName');

Creating a local document

cblite.createDocument({name: 'John Doe', age: 99}, 'myDocumentId');

Reading a local document

// It will return a JSON object or false if the document does not exist

Updating local document

cblite.updateDocument('myDocumentId', {newData: 'My new data string'});

Replicating your documents with a SyncGateway server

First you need to import the proper classes

import { CBLite, Replicator } from 'nativescript-cblite';

Then you need to instantiate those classes

const cblite = new CBLite('databaseName');
const pushReplicator: Replicator = cblite.createPushReplication('myRemoteUrl');
const pullReplicator: Replicator = cblite.createPullReplication('myRemoteUrl');

Setting up the replication

pushReplicator.setAuthenticator('username', 'password');

pullReplicator.setAuthenticator('username', 'password');

API Reference

Class CBLite

Method name Parameters Return type
getDocument documentId Object
listAllDocuments - string[]
listAllReplications - string[]
addDatabaseChangeListener callback void
createDocument data, documentId string
updateDocument documentId, data void
deleteDocument documentId boolean
createPullReplication remoteUrl Replicator
createPushReplication remoteUrl Replicator

Class Replicator

Method name Parameters Return type
start - void
stop - void
isRunning - boolean
addReplicationChangeListener changeListenerCallback void
setAuthenticator username, password void
setContinuous continuous void
setDocumentIds docIds void
setCookie name, value, path, expirationDate, secure, httpOnly void
deleteCookie name void

More documentation incoming soon


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004