by farfromrefuge | v0.0.26
Nativescript Chart plugin.
npm i --save nativescript-chart

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Experimental plugin to draw charts using nativescript-canvas. It is a direct JS port of MPAndroidChart

The main goal was to prevent the need for marshalling all datasets. This is extremelly heavy, costly and uncessary!

The demo_vue app show the power of the future plugin:

  • It is the fastest drawing library in comparaison to nativescript-ui-chart and nativescript-mpchart. This is due to:
    • do not marshal or recreate any subset of the data sets. Directly uses the provided array.
    • can share the same data array beetween multiple datasets
    • still use the power of native arrays to NOT marshal arrays of positions while drawing lines with nativescript-canvas
  • Same JS codebase for iOS and Android. Makes maintaining the library very easy.
  • smaller apps size because no native libs or no native framework. All done with the power of {N}