parser for xcodeproj/project.pbxproj files
npm i --save nativescript-dev-xcode


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Parser utility for xcodeproj project files

Allows you to edit xcodeproject files and write them back out.

Forked from: apache/cordova-node-xcode


// API is a bit wonky right now
var xcode = require('xcode'),
fs = require('fs'),
projectPath = 'myproject.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj',
myProj = xcode.project(projectPath);

// parsing is async, in a different process
myProj.parse(function (err) {

fs.writeFileSync(projectPath, myProj.writeSync());
console.log('new project written');

Working on the parser

If there's a problem parsing, you will want to edit the grammar under lib/parser/pbxproj.pegjs. You can test it online with the PEGjs online thingy at - I have had some mixed results though.

Tests under the test/parser directory will compile the parser from the grammar. Other tests will use the prebuilt parser (lib/parser/pbxproj.js).

To rebuild the parser js file after editing the grammar, run:

npm run pegjs

(and be sure to restore the Apache license notice in lib/parser/pbxproj.js before committing)


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