by jessicabunyan | v1.0.4
Plugin for nativescript builds to trigger automatic uploading of apps to diawi online service for distribution
npm i --save nativescript-diawi-distribution



  • nativescript installed, ability to build nativescript apps
  • Diawi account (free accounts available)

Quick Start

  1. npm install --save-dev nativescript-diawi-distribution
  2. Generate a Diawi access token here
  3. Copy the below config, insert the token from above step and save in project root as "diawi-upload.config.json" { "diawi_access_token": "[YOUR_TOKEN_HERE]", }
  4. Use nativescript build commands for ios/android and include --env.diawi flag 4a. eg: tns build android --env.diawi
  5. Add diawi-upload.config.json to your .gitignore - this file includes your diaiw API key you do not want to store this in a repository


"emails" can also be specified as a field in the configuration file as a comma separated list. Addresses listed here will be notified of build completion with a link to download


Diawi upload code originally by Ronak Doshi and can be found here as part of a github action: