by Sam Donald | v1.0.1
Enables programmatic execution of gesture events in NativeScript applications.
npm i --save nativescript-eventify

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NativeScript Eventify

NativeScript has a method called notify you can use to notify an observable of changes. But you can't use it to trigger events like tap or swipe, enter NativeScript Eventify.

Supported Events

  • tap


  • Add support for doubleTap events
  • Add support for longPress events
  • Add support for swipe events
  • Add support for pan events
  • Add support for pinch events
  • Add support for rotate events
  • Add support for touch events


tns plugin add nativescript-eventify


Just require it once.

* home-page.js
* Assume the view already has the event listner(s) setup.

// Simulates a tap event
view.eventify({ eventName: "tap", object: view });

Take a look at this Playground for a working example.


Properties Required Description
EventData Yes The eventName and object, just like using notify.
Info Sometimes Some of the events (i.e. swipe) will need extra information


Event Required Properties Description
tap No n/a n/a