by Shripal Soni | v2.0.1
GeoFire for Nativescript - Realtime location queries with Firebase for Android and iOS
npm i --save nativescript-geofire-plugin


GeoFire for Nativescript - Realtime location queries with Firebase.

The API for this plugin is kept nearly same as of the web version of geofire to increase code reuse across platforms and for easy usage.


tns plugin add nativescript-geofire-plugin

This plugin requires Firebase to be added into your project. So if it is not added, you can add it by installing an awesome firebase plugin for nativescript by executing below command:

tns plugin add nativescript-plugin-firebase

Basic Usage

import { NSGeoFire } from 'nativescript-geofire-plugin';

// Here '/geo' is the firebase path which will be used by geoFire for location queries. You can change it to anything.
let geoFire = new NSGeoFire('/geo');

// Set location with key.
geoFire.set(key, [lat, long]).then(() => {
console.log('Geo key is added ');

// Get location by key.
console.log('latitude and longitude ', location[0], location[1]);

// Remove location stored with specified key.

// Location based query.
let query = this.geoFire.query({
center: [lat, long],
radius: radius // in km

// Various events triggered by geoFire for the query being executed.
query.on('key_entered', (key: string, location: number[]) => {
console.log('key entered ', key, location);

query.on('key_exited', (key: string) => {
console.log('key exited ', key);

query.on('key_moved', (key: string, location: number[]) => {
console.log('key moved ', key, location);

query.on('ready', () => {
console.log('GeoQuery has loaded and fired all other events for initial data');


For now, refer API from index.d.ts file.