by j4rv1s | v1.3.2
Health Data plugin for Nativescript, using Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.
npm i --save nativescript-health-data-enduco

Health Data plugin for NativeScript

This is a NativeScript plugin that abstracts Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to read health data from the user's device.

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Google Fit API Key - Go to the Google Developers Console, create a project, and enable the Fitness API. Then under Credentials, create a Fitness API OAuth2 client ID for an Android App (select User data and press the What credentials do I need? button). If you are using Linux/maxOS, generate your SHA1-key with the code below.

keytool -exportcert -keystore path-to-debug-or-production-keystore -list -v

Note that the default (debug) keystore password is empty.


Make sure you enable the HealthKit entitlement in your app ID.


Install the plugin using the NativeScript CLI:

tns plugin add nativescript-health-data


The examples below are all in TypeScript, and the demo was developed in Nativescript w/ Angular.

This is how you can import and instantiate the plugin, all examples expect this setup:

import { AggregateBy, HealthData, HealthDataType } from "nativescript-health-data";

export class MyHealthyClass {
private healthData: HealthData;

constructor() {
this.healthData = new HealthData();


This tells you whether or not the device supports Health Data. On iOS this is probably always true. On Android the user will be prompted to (automatically) update their Play Services version in case it's not sufficiently up to date. If you don't want this behavior, pass false to this function, as shown below.

.then(available => console.log(available));


This function (and the next one) takes an Array of HealthDataType's. Each of those has a name and an accessType.

  • The name can be one of the 'Available Data Types'.
  • The accessType can be one of read, write, or readAndWrite (note that this plugin currently only supports reading data, but that will change).

iOS is a bit silly here: if you've only requested 'read' access, you'll never get a true response from this method. Details here.

this.healthData.isAuthorized([<HealthDataType>{name: "steps", accessType: "read"}])
.then(authorized => console.log(authorized));


This function takes the same argument as isAuthorized, and will trigger a consent screen in case the user hasn't previously authorized your app to access any of the passed HealthDataType's.

Note that this plugin currently only supports reading data, but that will change.

const types: Array<HealthDataType> = [
{name: "height", accessType: "write"},
{name: "weight", accessType: "readAndWrite"},
{name: "steps", accessType: "read"},
{name: "distance", accessType: "read"}

.then(authorized => console.log(authorized))
.catch(error => console.log("Request auth error: ", error));


Mandatory properties are startData, endDate, and dataType. The dataType must be one of the 'Available Data Types'.

By default data is not aggregated, so all individual datapoints are returned. This plugin however offers a way to aggregate the data by either hour, day, or sourceAndDay, the latter will enable you to read daily data per source (Fitbit, Nike Run Club, manual entry, etc).

If you didn't run requestAuthorization before running query, the plugin will run requestAuthorization for you (for the requested dataType). You're welcome. 😉

startDate: new Date(new Date().getTime() - 3 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000), // 3 days ago
endDate: new Date(), // now
dataType: "steps", // equal to the 'name' property of 'HealthDataType'
unit: "count", // make sure this is compatible with the 'dataType' (see below)
aggregateBy: "day", // optional, one of: "hour", "day", "sourceAndDay"
sortOrder: "desc" // optional, default "asc"
.then(result => console.log(JSON.stringify(result)))
.catch(error => this.resultToShow = error);

startMonitoring (iOS only, for now)

If you want to be notified when health data was changed, you can monitor specific types. This even works when your app is in the background, with enableBackgroundUpdates: true. Note that iOS will wake up your app so you can act upon this notification (in the onUpdate function by fi. querying recent changes to this data type), but in return you are responsible for telling iOS you're done. So make sure you invoke the completionHandler as shown below.

Not all data types support backgroundUpdateFrequency: "immediate", so your app may not always be invoked immediately when data is added/deleted in HealthKit.

Background notifications probably don't work on the iOS simulator, so please test those on a real device.

dataType: "heartRate",
enableBackgroundUpdates: true,
backgroundUpdateFrequency: "immediate",
onUpdate: (completionHandler: () => void) => {
console.log("Our app was notified that health data changed, so querying...");
this.getData("heartRate", "count/min").then(() => completionHandler());
.then(() => this.resultToShow = `Started monitoring heartRate`)
.catch(error => this.resultToShow = error);

stopMonitoring (iOS only, for now)

It's best to call this method in case you no longer wish to receive notifications when health data changes.

dataType: "heartRate",
.then(() => this.resultToShow = `Stopped monitoring heartRate`)
.catch(error => this.resultToShow = error);

Available Data Types

With version 1.0.0 these are the supported types of data you can read. Also, make sure you pass in the correct unit.

Note that you are responsible for passing the correct unit, although there's only 1 option for each type. Well actually, the unit is ignored on Android at the moment, and on iOS there are undocumented types you can pass in (fi. mi for distance).

The reason is I intend to support more units per type, but that is yet to be implemented... so it's for the sake of future backward-compatibility! 🤯

TypeOfData Unit GoogleFit Data Type Apple HealthKit Data Type
distance m TYPE_DISTANCE_DELTA HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDistanceWalkingRunning
steps count TYPE_STEP_COUNT_DELTA HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount
calories count TYPE_CALORIES_EXPENDED HKQuantityTypeIdentifierActiveEnergyBurned
height m TYPE_HEIGHT HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeight
weight kg TYPE_WEIGHT HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyMass
heartRate count/min TYPE_HEART_RATE_BPM HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeartRate
fatPercentage % TYPE_BODY_FAT_PERCENTAGE HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyFatPercentage


  • Filipe Mendes for a superb first version of this repo, while working for SPMS, Shared Services for Ministry of Health (of Portugal). He kindly transferred this repo to me when he no longer had time to maintain it.
  • Daniel Leal, for a great PR.