A plugin to allow nativescript to support hidden visibility
npm i --save nativescript-hidden

npm npm npm


A NativeScript plugin to deal with Android hidden (mainly for API 23+/Android 6+)

WARNING: The code is NOT "officially" on NPM yet, the code/plugin is only available to Patreon supporters. THIS is on NPM to be used as a Placeholder so that this plugin does have a home when it is finally released.


The actual code is released under what I call the PATRON License, meaning you are free to include this in any type of program as long as you downloaded this when you were a current patron and/or sponsor, and got the file directly from my patreon post. It will be released under a proper open source license at a time of my choosing (typically after a couple months of exclusive access by sponsor's). At that point the product will be re-released under the MIT license. -- However for entities that need a support contract, changes, enhancements and/or a commercial license please contact me at

I also do contract work; so if you have a module you want built for NativeScript (or any other software projects) feel free to contact me

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Sample Snapshot


You can see me do something that requests hidden; then I deny the hidden. The second time through you will see the toast about why I think I need these hidden; then I finally accept them.


This requires NativeScript 2.0 or greater


tns plugin add nativescript-hidden


To activate globally in your app.js/app.ts file just add:

require( "nativescript-hidden" );

Why use this?

NativeScript has a built in visibility collapsed; but the collapsed causes the entire display to change. This plugin adds a new visibility: hidden which allows the space to be used by the object; just hidden.


Example is using the Nativescript-Dom helpers.

Some CSS:

.hidden {
visibility: hidden;

Some JS:

var item = getElementById('someElement');