A NativeScript plugin for making in-app purchases
npm i --save nativescript-iap

A NativeScript plugin for making in-app purchases.


Run the following command from the root of your project:

ns plugin add nativescript-iap


In order for your in-app purchases to be recognized by the plugin, you must configure those on the Google/AppStore side.


Setup hook

Before starting purchase you need hook up to the purchaseUpdated event. This way you will receive information about the transaction state while it is executing and take necessary action when the transaction completes. You can set the hook once as global handler to process the all incoming purchases.

import inAppPurchase, { PurchaseEventData } from "nativescript-iap";

inAppPurchase.on("purchaseUpdated", async (data: PurchaseEventData) => {
for (const transaction of data.transactions) {
if (transaction.state === TransactionState.purchased
|| transaction.state === TransactionState.restored) {
// Deliver the content or unlock the purchased functionality
} else if (transaction.state === TransactionState.failed) {
// Notify user about it

// You must finish transaction otherwise the purchase being refunded
await inAppPurchase.finishTransaction(transaction);

Getting the products

To get the actual products call getProducts with array of the products identifiers (in Google Play products ID calls SKU):

import inAppPurchase from "nativescript-iap";

const products = await inAppPurchase.getProducts(["", ""]);

Purchasing the product

import inAppPurchase from "nativescript-iap";

try {
await inAppPurchase.purchase(product);
} catch (error) {
// Handle the error

Restoring the purchased products

import inAppPurchase from "nativescript-iap";
// All restored purchases will be handled by the "purchaseUpdated" hook.
await inAppPurchase.restorePurchases();

Showing the price consent dialog

import inAppPurchase from "nativescript-iap";

// Pass product required only on Android
let product = undefined;
if (global.isAndroid) {
product = //getting product with updated price

await inAppPurchase.showPriceConsent(product);