Image Cache Media

by Alejandro Nieto

A plugin for caching web images on Android and iOS


A plugin for caching web and local images on Android and iOS

Using Picasso on Android and SDWebImage on iOS is a simple library that uses the nativescript image component and just adding a cache funcionality. Inspired by nativescript-web-image-cache and nativescript-image-cache-it plugins, Feel free to contribuite or suggest changes.


This plugin is licensed under the MITlicense by Alejandro Nieto


To install type

tns plugin add nativescript-image-cache-media


You can use all the nativescript native image module, just set the imageUri property.


<Page xmlns="" xmlns:IM="nativescript-image-cache-media">
        <IM:ImageCacheMedia placeholder="~/resources/images/placeholder.png" stretch="aspectFill" imageUri="{{ photo_url }}"/>

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