by lee-devopa | v1.1.4
NativeScript plugin to apply filters to your images. IOS only.
npm i --save nativescript-image-filters-ios

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Nativescript plugin for native image filters.




From your command prompt/termial go to your app's root folder and execute:

tns plugin add nativescript-image-filters



import { topmost } from 'ui/frame';
import { ImageFilters } from 'nativescript-image-filters';

const filters = new ImageFilters();

public effectOne() {
const pic = topmost().currentPage.getViewById('myPicture');

filters.invert(pic).then((result) => {

// set the pic imageSource equal to the new imageSource
pic.imageSource = result;

}).catch((err) => {
console.log('applyFilter ERROR: ' + err);


Not all methods have been tested. The code needs to be cleaned up to reduce duplication in methods. The methods also need to be 1:1 for common methods. Right now not all iOS & Android methods are named correctly for the image filter. Pull requests are very welcome to improve the API for this plugin.


  • highlightImage(img: Image, color: string, radius?: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • invert(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • blackAndWhite(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • gamma(img: Image, red: number, green: number, blue: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • colorFilter(img: Image, red: number, green: number, blue: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • sepiaEffect(img: Image, depth: number, red: number, green: number, blue: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • decreaseColorDepth(img: Image, bitOffset: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • contrast(img: Image, value: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • rotate(img: Image, degree: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • brightness(img: Image, value: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • gaussianBlur(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • createShadow(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • sharpen(img: Image, weight: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • meanRemoval(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • smooth(img: Image, value: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • emboss(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • engrave(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • boost(img: Image, type: number, percent: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • roundCorner(img: Image, round: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • waterMark(img: Image, watermark: string, location: android.graphic.Point, color: string, alpha: number, size: number, underline: boolean): Promise<ImageSource>
  • flip(img: Image, type: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • tintImage(img: Image, degree: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • fleaEffect(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • blackFilter(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • snowEffect(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • shadingFilter(img: Image, shadingColor: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • saturationFilter(img: Image, level: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • hueFilter(img: Image, level: number): Promise<ImageSource>
  • reflection(img: Image): Promise<ImageSource>
  • replaceColor(img: Image, fromColor: string, toColor: string): Promise<ImageSource>