by Peter Staev | v5.0.1
A widget to easily swipe and zoom through images
npm i --save nativescript-image-swipe

Contribution - help wanted

This plugin is supported by the NativeScript community. All PRs are welcome but make sure that the demo applications work correctly before creating a new PR. If you do not have an issue you are facing but want to contribute to this plugin you can find a list of the on going issues here.

Creating a PR checklist:

  • Fork the repo
  • Add new functionality or fix an issue and push it to your fork
  • Start both demo and demo-ng apps and make sure they work correctly (make sure that no console errors are thrown on both iOS and Android)
  • From your fork create a PR targeting the 'master' branch of this repository

Thank you for your contribution.

NativeScript Image Swipe widget

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A NativeScript widget that will allow you to easily swipe and zoom through a list of images.




Run the following command from the root of your project:

tns plugin add nativescript-image-swipe

This command automatically installs the necessary files, as well as stores nativescript-image-swipe as a dependency in your project's package.json file.


There is no additional configuration needed!



  • pageChanged
    Triggered when the user swipes to the next/previous image in the list.

Static Properties

  • pageChangedEvent - String
    String value used when hooking to pageChanged event.

Instance Properties

  • ios - UIScrollView
    Gets the native iOS view that represents the user interface for this component. Valid only when running on iOS.

  • android -
    Gets the native android widget that represents the user interface for this component. Valid only when running on Android OS.

  • items - Array | ObservableArray
    Gets or sets the items collection of the ImageSwipe. The items property can be set to an array or an object defining length and getItem(index) method.

  • pageNumber - Number
    Gets or sets the currently visible image.

  • imageUrlProperty - string
    Gets or sets the property inside the items' object that defines the Url from where to load the images

  • allowZoom - boolean (default: true)
    Gets or sets whether zoom is enabled


You need to add xmlns:is="nativescript-image-swipe" to your page tag, and then simply use <is:ImageSwipe/> in order to add the widget to your page.

<!-- test-page.xml -->
<Page xmlns="" xmlns:is="nativescript-image-swipe" navigatingTo="navigatingTo">
<is:ImageSwipe items="{{ items }}" imageUrlProperty="imageUrl"
pageNumber="{{ pageNumber }}" pageChanged="pageChanged" backgroundColor="#000000">

// test-page.ts
import { EventData, Observable } from "data/observable";
import { ObservableArray } from "data/observable-array";
import { Page } from "ui/page";

import { PageChangeEventData } from "nativescript-image-swipe";

let viewModel: Observable;

export function navigatingTo(args: EventData) {
const page = args.object as Page;
const items = new ObservableArray();

items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
items.push({ imageUrl: "" });

viewModel = new Observable();
viewModel.set("items", items);
viewModel.set("pageNumber", 3);

page.bindingContext = viewModel;

export function pageChanged(e: PageChangeEventData) {
console.log(`Page changed to ${}.`);

Usage in Angular

In order to use the ImageSwipe you must register it in BOTH your main.ts and main.aot.ts!

// main.ts
import { platformNativeScriptDynamic } from "nativescript-angular/platform";
import { registerElement } from "nativescript-angular/element-registry";

import { AppModule } from "./app.module";

registerElement("ImageSwipe", () => require("nativescript-image-swipe/image-swipe").ImageSwipe);

<!-- test.component.html -->
<ImageSwipe [items]="items" imageUrlProperty="imageUrl"
[pageNumber]="pageNumber" (pageChanged)="pageChanged($event)" backgroundColor="#000000">

// test.component.ts
import { Component, OnInit } from "@angular/core";
import { PageChangeEventData } from "nativescript-image-swipe";

selector: "demo",
templateUrl: "./test.component.html",
export class ImageSwipeComponent implements OnInit {
public items: any[] = [];
public pageNumber: number = 3;

ngOnInit(): void {
this.items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
this.items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
this.items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
this.items.push({ imageUrl: "" });
this.items.push({ imageUrl: "" });

public pageChanged(e: PageChangeEventData) {
console.log(`Page changed to ${}.`);


This repository includes both Angular and plain NativeScript demos. In order to run those execute the following in your shell:

$ git clone
$ cd nativescript-image-swipe
$ npm install
$ npm run demo-ios

This will run the plain NativeScript demo project on iOS. If you want to run it on Android simply use the -android instead of the -ios sufix.

If you want to run the Angular demo simply use the demo-ng- prefix instead of demo-.