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NativeScript Image Cropper Plugin
npm i --save nativescript-imagecropper

A {N} Image Cropping Plugin

License npm npm GitHub release


iOS 8+

Android 17+

v2.0.0+ the version of Android Lib has changed and the cropper looks different now, hence the breaking change

Based on

TOCropViewController for iOS

uCrop for Android


NativeScript 7+:

Run ns plugin add nativescript-imagecropper

NativeScript below 7:

Run tns plugin add nativescript-imagecropper@3.0.0


Cropper UI & End result (android)


Cropper UI (iOS)

Usage (for TS demo, please see the demo folder)

To use the image cropping module you must first require it.

var ImageCropper = require("nativescript-imagecropper").ImageCropper;

How to get the image source, from nativescript-camera plugin

var camera = require("nativescript-camera");

// You might want to request camera permissions first
// check demo folder for sample implementation

.then((imageAsset) => {
let source = new imageSource.ImageSource();
source.fromAsset(imageAsset).then((source) => {
// now you have the image source
// pass it to the cropper
// recommend using setTimeout like this
setTimeout(() => {
// on iOS we want a timeout of 1second as it takes time before
// the imageSource is ready to be read by the plugin
}, isAndroid ? 0 : 1000);
}).catch((err) => {
console.log("Error -> " + err.message);


show(ImageSource): Returns a cropped ImageSource

var imageCropper = new ImageCropper(); => {
if(args.image !== null){
imageView.imageSource = args.image;

show(ImageSource,Options): Returns a cropped and resized ImageSource

var imageCropper = new ImageCropper();,{width:300,height:300}).then((args) => {
if(args.image !== null){
imageView.imageSource = args.image;


Option Type Description
width number The width of the image you would like returned.
height number The height of the image you would like returned.
lockSquare boolean Pass this as true, to lock square aspect ratio on iOS, on android, this option doesn't make any difference.
circularCrop boolean Pass this as true, to crop a circular image on iOS, on android, this options shows a circular mask while cropping, but returns a rectangular image.

Android Config

export interface OptionsAndroid {
isFreeStyleCropEnabled?: boolean; // set to true to let user resize crop bounds (disabled by default)
toolbarTitle?: string; // default 'Crop Image'
toolbarTextColor?: string; // desired resolved color of Toolbar text and buttons (default is darker orange)
toolbarColor?: string; // desired resolved color of the toolbar
rootViewBackgroundColor?: string; // desired background color that should be applied to the root view
logoColor?: string; // desired resolved color of logo fill (default is darker grey)
statusBarColor?: string; // Set statusbar color
showCropGrid?: boolean; // set to true if you want to see a crop grid/guidelines on top of an image
showCropFrame?: boolean; // set to true if you want to see a crop frame rectangle on top of an image
cropFrameStrokeWidth?: number; // desired width of crop frame line in pixels
cropGridStrokeWidth?: number; // desired width of crop grid lines in pixels
cropGridColor?: string; // desired color of crop grid/guidelines
cropFrameColor?: string; // desired color of crop frame
cropGridRowCount?: number; // crop grid rows count
cropGridColumnCount?: number; // crop grid columns count
hideBottomControls?: boolean; // set to true to hide the bottom controls (shown by default)
compressionQuality?: number; // Set compression quality [0-100] that will be used to save resulting Bitmap
dimmedLayerColor?: string; // desired color of dimmed area around the crop bounds
setAspectRatioOptions?: AspectRatioOptions; // Pass an ordered list of desired aspect ratios that should be available for a user.
toolbarCropDrawable?: any; // Android Drawable (pass native drawable object ONLY)
toolbarCancelDrawable?: any; // Android Drawable (pass native drawable object ONLY)

export interface AspectRatio {
aspectRatioTitle: string,
aspectRatioX: number,
aspectRatioY: number;

export interface AspectRatioOptions {
defaultIndex: number;
aspectRatios: AspectRatio[]

// example aspectRatio options
setAspectRatioOptions: {
defaultIndex: 0,
aspectRatios: [
aspectRatioTitle: '1:1',
aspectRatioX: 1,
aspectRatioY: 1
aspectRatioTitle: '16:9',
aspectRatioX: 16,
aspectRatioY: 9
aspectRatioTitle: '18:9',
aspectRatioX: 18,
aspectRatioY: 9

Additional notes for Android

You can override library colors just specifying colors with the same names in your colors.xml file. For example:

<color name="ucrop_color_toolbar">#000000</color>

This will make toolbar color black if specified inside your App_Resources/Android/values/colors.xml file.

Android styles to customize the cropper activity/styles

   <!--uCrop Activity-->
<color name="ucrop_color_toolbar">#FF6E40</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_statusbar">#CC5833</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_toolbar_widget">#fff</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_widget">#000</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_widget_active">#FF6E40</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_widget_background">#fff</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_widget_text">#000</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_progress_wheel_line">#808080</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_crop_background">#000</color>

<!--Crop View-->
<color name="ucrop_color_default_crop_grid">#80ffffff</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_default_crop_frame">#ffffff</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_default_dimmed">#8c000000</color>
<color name="ucrop_color_default_logo">#4f212121</color>

Returned Result Arguments

Argument Type Result(s)
response string Success
image ImageSource null if there was an error or was cancelled
ImageSource on success

Bonus: Snippet for using with nativescript-imagepicker 6.x

const context = imagepickerModule.create({
mode: 'single' // allow choosing single image
.then(function() {
return context.present();
.then(function(selection) {
selection.forEach(function(selected) {
selected.getImageAsync(source => {
if (source) {
const selectedImgSource = imageSource.fromNativeSource(source);
.show(selectedImgSource, { width: 500, height: 500 })
.then(args => {
if (args.image !== null) {
// Use args.image
.catch(function(e) {
.catch(function(e) {